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An early thirty years old beautiful woman was bending in front of a five years old boy. She was trying to understand every single word came out his wide yet cute mouth. His eyes were sparkling with an amusement expression.

“Honey, speak slowly. Mommy can’t understand you,” said the woman while stroking her son’s soft hair.

“Yes, Mommy,” replied the little boy politely.

After a minute, the mother spoke out again.

“Baby, walk slowly or you’ll trip on your own feet,” she said while rubbing her temple.

“Yes, Mommy,” said the cute boy. And he walked really slow, almost like a slug. His mother chuckled and pinch his chubby cheek.


“Channie, get down from the roof at once! Or you might fall and break your neck!” a woman yelled at a ten years old boy with a huge smile plastered on his pretty face.

“Yes, Mommy!” he shouted from the rooftop.

Again, for a thousand times, the woman sighed and tried to relax.


A white paper with a signature of the headmaster of a junior high school was lay on the table in fron of her. She frowend and muttered to herself.

“What is it, Mommy?” asked a thirteen years old boy with a too long bangs covering his left eye.

“This is a letter from your teacher. And it’s written here that you are too noisy at classes, lack of concentration, and you can’t pay attention to your teacher’s explanations. You often disturb your friends when they are seriously studying, while you make so many distraction. Why did you behave like that?”  her voice was full of dissappointment. And her son was only looking down at his intertwined fingers with guiltiness flashed in his expressive eyes.

“I’m sorry, Mommy. I don’t know why I’m like this. Am I that obnoxiuos, Mommy?” he sobbed.

“No, honey. You’re not obnoxiuos. You’re just… don’t know how to behave in front of other people. You used to be such an active kid. Running here and there, breaking things, climbing trees, and you always speak so fast, that made ask you to repeat it again, slowly.” His mother explained.

“So, what should I do now?”

“We’ll find out. The sooner the better,”


“Mam, I can say that your son is having a disorder in paying attention. It’s commonly called, ADHD or Attention defisit and Hyper-activity disorder.” Said the doctor with a very warm and friendly smile.

“Can we help him? I mean, make him less active?” asked the mother.

“Of course we can. All you have to do is make him use his overloaded energy into something useful, such a hobby. Like doing sports, including playing soccer, basketball and other sports.”

“I’ll try my best, doctor. Thank you very much.”

And then she left.


His mother insisted that Chanyeol must attend something beside school. So, Chanyeol made up his mind to go to a soccer club for teenagers.

He met some of his elementary friends there, that’s how he enjoyed practicing and improving his skill as a striker. Back when he was a little boy, Chanyeol really loves to kick things, and at last his mother bought him a soccer ball, and he was like the happiest kid ever. He will take his soccer ball to whereever he goes. Playing with his neighbours and friends.

And after he joined the soccer team, he felt so free. He loved playing soccer wholeheartedly. But then, he wasn’t paying attention to his school lessons and that made his final report went bad.

For that particular reason, his mother made him a sentence. A death sentence to Chanyeol. She forbid her son playing soccer again until his grade getting better.

 That was pretty hard for Chanyeol to endure itu, because soccer was his passion. He liked the feeling of running in the field. It was one of his dreams, to become a soccer player.

Chanyeol proved to his mother that he could get an A in all his school subjects. He just wanted to play soccer again, that’s why he studied hard.

A happy mother would make anything going easier for Chanyeol, he made her mother proud of him for getting the highest grade in his class.

And he was allowed to play soccer again. But Chanyeol met Jongin’s friend who was a rapper. His name was Junhong.

Chanyeol found it interesting to see how Junhong doing the rapping. It was so fast. And the smiling boy wanted to try something new. Since he was fast talker, he thought being a repper is cool.

Junhong was kind, he taught Chanyeol how to rap properly.


A door creaked open when Chanyeol was practicing his rap skill in front of a large mirror. A woman came in and approached him. She was holding something in her hand. She took Chanyeol’s wrist and slipped something looked like a charm bracelet.

“That’s for your luck, Channie. Good luck for the competition.” She said before pulling him closer and kiss her son’s forehead.

“Thank you, Mommy. I’ll try my best, and I will win. I must win.” he smiled and gave his mother a hug.

The car honks a few time made Chanyeol irritated. He walked out from the house and got into a black chevy which was parked in front of his house.

“Are you ready?” asked the person in the driver’s seat.

“Ready as always, Jongin! Let’s kick some ass!” he shouted with a lot of energy. Jongin laughed and wished him luck.

When the two boys entered the club, it was full of young people. Jongin and Chanyeol spotted Junhong at the other side of the club talking with someone looked like a foreigner.

After a while, an MC popped out in the middle of the stage. He mentioned six names who attend the competion. Chanyeol was one of them.

Chanyeol won in  the third round and he got into the semi-final.

Finally, he succeded become a finalist against a tall guy that was speaking to Junhong earlier.

Kris. The winner of the last competion. And Chanyeol would try to take the prize as the winner.

The jury looked really amused by the two tall guys bickering to each other with their rapping. Both of them had a deep voice. It was an attractive performance.

After finishing the battle, the jury let them take a rest. Meanwhile they would decide which one will be the winner.

Fifteen minute or more later, the jury’s ready for making the announcement about the winner.

“Because of the originality, the passion and the deep and meaningful meanings, we decide that the winner is…. PARK CHANYEOL”

While the club rumbled with the sound of clapping and cheering for the winner, Chanyeol was dumbfounded. He didn’t believe his hearing. He couldn’t win over Kris.

He thought.

But the jury thought about that differentley, they thought Chanyeol is unique and different from the other. They said that Chanyeol’s rap is natural, like he was born with it.

Chanyeol received some amount of money as the main prize. He was extremely happy and all he wanted to do was go home and tell his mother about his success.

But there was an after party for the winner.

“Congrats, Chanyeol. You beat me. You did really great up there.” Kris greeted Chanyeol as they walked to an empty table.

“Thank you, Kris. But you were great yourself. I am amazed at your rapping technique, it was cool,”

Kris giggled as Chanyeol praised his technique, he sort liked Chanyeol from the first time he saw the smiling boy. He was astonished by Chanyeol’s sincere and cute smile.

“Since you made me lose, let’s have some drinks, my treat.” Kris offered. And Chanyeol nodded as he grinned sheepishly.

“Wait, a sec,” Chanyeol grabs his phone from his jacket pocket and dialed a number.

“Baekhyun, go call Joonmyun, Kyungsoo and Sehun, and tell them that I won the rap competition, and my friend here was about to treat us drink! So, come over here ASAP!!”

Kris almost choked on his own saliva when he heard that Chanyeol’s friends will come by and have a drink with him.

“Who are they?” asked Kris.

“My soccer team friends,” he answered with an innocent smile.

 Chanyeol was so oblivious about Kris’s thoughts, he was smiling and waving at the girls who were staring at him with an awe expression.

It was almost midnight when Chanyeol stepped his feet in his house.

“Congratulation, Channie. You won. I am so proud of you, son.” His mother hugged him and kissed him on the cheek.

“I won because of you, Mom. You always trying your best to make me better, even though I always make troubles and make you dissappointed, but you never leave me. Thank you for accepting my obnoxious disorder, and keep faith in me. Now I become a better person, but I’m still Park Chanyeol. The happy boy who will always spread the virus of happiness to anyplace I go. That’s because I was born like this. I was born this way. Thank you for you love, Mommy. I love you with all my heart. And this prize is for you. You’re the one who deserve it.” He said with teary eyes while giving his mother the prize.

Tears running down her cheek, she was overwhelmed with her boy’s speech. And of course as a mother, she would accept her son no matter what. A mother’s unconditional love will always make their children become a better person.